theatrical wings open onto the world

Door: architectural, functional and rational element. But also, an element full of meaning and symbolism, conveying a precise message depending on the context where it’s designed. A door that opens wide, toward new scenarios and new visions. A door that closes, protects, conceals, and becomes a precious ally that hides a space or that, on the contrary, opens, characterizes and makes it special. A door can create harmony among the different rooms of a house, like an orchestra maestro who beats a tune and translates a score into a balanced, pleasant melody. A door can become protagonist, or a quiet ally, which blends with the space. Viva doors narrate about a journey, which tells us, through four different houses around the world, how it’s possible to create very dif- ferent settings: a house that transforms into a stage, theatre of the domestic landscape of the people who live in it. Enjoy your exploration.