Theca is the flush-to-wall niches system with strong aesthetic personality. Installed on a concealable aluminum frame, the system guarantees perfect integration between walls and panel. The aluminum frame has been developed to ensure perfect application and duration over time. Once it is built in the plasterboard wall, it appears invisible. Theca is supplied complete of container box and made with measures at the centimeter, characteristics that guarantee easy installation and great adaptability. The multiple finishes of the panels let them adapt to any aesthetic solution. It is possible to apply panels painted like the walls to the frame and box, creating real secret niches in the wall. Otherwise you can apply glass panels, that with light effects and sparkle give light and unicity to every place. Theca has invisible hinges and push-pull opening system, thus ensuring the perfect union between technique and aesthetic. The opportunity to install the panels with bottom hinged, top hung or hinged opening let Theca integrate perfectly in every room, and consent to create space where it doesn’t exist. The multiple finishes of glass and matt or glossy painting, together with the possibility of different compositions, make Theca a refined and distinctive element that doesn’t go unnoticed.
VTheca is the flush-to-wall opening system with strong aesthetic personality