Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Openings designed to embrace dreamlike atmospheres, desert landscapes that stand out on the horizon in a light that speaks of distant mirages. The sinuous movement of the dunes returns in the soft, enveloping shapes of the timeless furniture. The warmth of sand in the use of naturally warm-toned marbles, enlivened by textural effects that divert our gaze to the Bellagio Pivots which, like white mobile dividers, separate the two living areas of the house. The extra-clear satin finish of the glass guarantees privacy and reflects the spaces, making the rooms seem bigger. A series of arches create passageways that reveal valuable spaces: a home office with furniture in warm shades, characterised by the alternation of sinuous lines and formal rigour, as exemplified by the Bellagio Hinged door, and an environment dedicated to physical wellbeing, where the VCloset integrates seamlessly from both a functional and aesthetic perspective.