Tulum, Mexico

Fluid volumes. A sort of malleable architecture, in which the walls and the rhythm of the spaces are able to blur the boundary between outside and inside, creating sequences capable of fine-tuning a precise tension that expertly mixes the lime plaster of the walls, the warm terracotta on the floor, and the solid woods. The warm and earthy tones host the Bellagio doors in fabric and glass, where the purity of the glass embraces the material aluminum, drawing thin frames on the wall. Natural gold silk, made in Como, elected “UNESCO Creative City” by virtue of the unique experience linked to textile and silk processing, gives a touch of refinement, concealing the space in a delicate and sober way. The geometric details of V3, coplanar hinged door to the wall with adjustable invisible hinges and magnetic lock without visible screws, are strong graphic marks on the wall.