Como Sliding

From the evolution of the glass, Viva Expert Studio created Como, a dividing system characterized by the lightness and purity of glass that meets, with elegant overlaps, the materiality of aluminum. The shining reflections of Como resume the light effects of Lake Como at sunset, included in an aluminum frame underneath the glass to delineate without appearing, where lightness and elegance are emphasized. The possibility of Como to have a single or double glass widens architectural and interior design solutions, combining the unique and elegant aesthetics with the technique, characterized by a track that can be easily installed to the ceiling, wall or recessed with the possibility of adjustments. The combination of sliding doors with Como hinged doors is perfectly combined in a complete superior and efficient project, in line with the current needs of space and light in homes, workplaces and hospitality.
The shining reflections of como resume the light effects of Lake Como at sunset