Como Hinged

Como is the Viva glass hinged door without jambs and frames. Developed on an invisible aluminum frame, designed by Viva Expert Studio, it guarantees complete integration between door and walls while maintaining aesthetic continuity both in the coplanar push opening or pull opening solution. The glass characterizes Como with finesse and harmoniousness and, through games of reflections thanks to the wide types of glass available, it perfectly combines in furnishing projects both for its aesthetic and technical peculiarities. The door can be made with single or double glass, which guarantees a thickness of the door of 58 mm, 40% higher than the common doors in the market. The glass is overlaid on the aluminum with a fascinating overlap effect. The combination potentials of the finishes of the Viva collection allows the integration of Como with a multitude of aesthetic solutions, combining perfectly with the technical nature of the door.
The glass characterizes como with finesse and harmoniousness