V Pivot

V Pivot is a stylish and functional door. Equivalent to a revolving wall, when closed it integrates with continuity to the existing wall, when opened expresses its own personality, shaping the space, functionality and perception. The panel opening and closing is on a vertical pivot, on two hidden 
pins placed at the ends. The door rotates on its vertical axis with a large, bright and exciting opening. 
The various finishes, as glossy and matt lacquered colors, wood veneers or custom allow architects and designers to adapt the door to their project and space. The possibilities to use V Pivot in new or existing situations have no limits, the technical components allow to realize solutions not only during 
the construction but also on pre-existing and finished walls, without invasive works in the floor and 
in the ceiling. The technical rotation elements are integrated inside the panel, which also ensures
 an easy installation. Every aesthetic and functional detail is carefully designed to offer a unique door
 that enhances the space and decorates with personality.